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Brief in English

JAKK is a multi-discipline education centre for adults. The highly qualified personnel makes JAKK a competitive partner and one of Finland's leading adult education centres today. Its training is specifically tailored to meet the needs of private companies and their personnel as well as individuals and public institutions.

Founded in 1959, JAKK has seven training sites in Finland, specifically in Jalasjärvi, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku and Vaasa.

JAKK offers services for companies wishing to strengthen their skills for professional reasons in desired educational areas. It also offers personal study programs, along with general working life information and further skills training. We understand the needs of today's individuals and companies and therefore provide our customers with high quality education.

To our areas of expertise belong both developing of companies and their business and improving the know-how of their staff and management. We are committed to regional development as well as developing our expert lines of activities throughout Finland.

In training and cooperation JAKK has special competence in a variety of sectors.

Main areas of our operation are
- Transport and Logistics
- Industry
- Information Technology
- Business
- Automotive
- Building and Construction
- Earth Construction

For more information contact
tel. +358 201 458 00
e-mail: jakk@jakk.fi

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